The moon owned the sky

Darkness enveloped the room

Betrayed only by the occasional 

Bead of travelers lights which pierced the 

Darkness without consent

The silence was so loud it dared

Me to find peace

The old black rotary phone 

Shattered the silence and my life

I had always hated that phone

From that moment on my hate multiplied

A stranger, a voice on the line

How dare he speak with a

Tone of a friend to tell me he’s sorry

But this is the end 

This cold hearted stranger

Who invaded my night and with four

Simple word stole all that was right

I sat in a trance as I laid down the phone

I can’t let this happen I feel so alone

I picked up the phone and I slammed it down hard

Again and again and again and again

This can’t be the truth this can’t be the end

Then the rage stopped, taken over by fear

How would I tell them, mamas no longer here

I sat and rehearsed just what I would say

I tried to stay calm god I hated this day

I sat as long as I could just holding their fate

I could keep their lives normal if I could just wait

Just a little bit longer to let them feel whole

Before the words from my lips would rip through their souls

The panic took hold as I ran from the room

I ran to my father, he’d know what to do

Daddy she’s dead, mama dead, dad she’s dead

35 years haunted by the words that I said

He spoke not a word but just stretched out his arms

His only mission in life was to shield me from harm

as I look back on this darkest of days

I fight to not see the look in his eyes

forced to watch my innocence die