Carolyn C. rated it FIVE STAR             it was amazing

A wonderful true to life story, full of hurt, love, strength, compassion, anger, and sadness...An Inspiration of the line we all say, I would love to go back in time...Inspired by so many locations in my hometown, made me feel like I was apart of the story, of course trying to guess who the characters were... A great job writing this story by Elayne Tulliani...Never let go of your dreams, and never ever hesitate to be nice to someone, you never know what they are truly going through in life...<3 


Deborah M. rated it FIVE STAR     it was amazing

I highly recommend this book, Memories Are An Old Man's Toys, if anyone is looking for a great book to read. Once you start reading the book, you won't be able to put it down. Without giving away the plot, the story deals with one's strength, sadness, happiness, feelings,resentment,bullying and so much more. While reading the book, I laughed and cried with Billy. A few of Billy's favorite locations in Massachusetts which are mentioned in the book are my favorites too. I have to agree with Billy that social media with the phones and computers are out of control. The author, Elayne Tulliani, did a fabulous job writing such a beautiful story about Billy and his life. I hope Elayne is working on her next book because she definitely has a talent for writing as you will agree with me once you read this book. Deborah 

Lisa B. rated it FIVE STAR

I enjoyed this book more than I could express in words.  I highly recommend this book and and I will definitely purchase copies for friends.  The twist about 3/4 of the way into the book and the book's ending were excellent.  I hope to read future books by Elayne Tulliani and I won't be surprised to see this as a movie, in fact, I'll be looking forward to it.

Anne Logan rated it FIVE STAR

Wow just wow ! So beautifully written with such emotions. A must read for all bookclubs,

G- rated it FIVE STAR

I found that I could connect with the characters circumstances, pain and happiness.  It is a wonderful story that keeps you wanting to read more.

Mary R- rated it FIVE STAR

This is a heart-felt and thoughtful story, with well-loved characters and a setting that brings back memories of our childhood in Revere, MA.  Elayne shares her perspective on our modern life, more full of media than social and asks us to think about not only how we've progressed, but also what we may have lost.  Hers is a voice of love and sincerity and I look forward to reading her future work.

Brianna rated it FIVE STAR

Dawn Covey rated it FIVE STAR