Memories Are An Old Man's Toys

Earning 5 STAR reviews on Amazon

"Memories Are An Old Man's Toys"

Earning 5 STAR reviews on Amazon  

      Allow me to introduce you to Billy, a man who has learned many painful lessons throughout his life. He now finds himself at a crossroad where he must make a choice. Does he allow his pent up pain to morph him into an angry, vengeful man capable of reining chaos down on us all? Or, does he grasp this opportunity to use his knowledge to remind us that we have the power to turn back time to when life was simpler and humanity and kindness were not a distant memory.

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     "I see that people thrive on the illusion of power through the anonymity that is provided to them hiding behind their monitors. This power is far too often used to bully and manipulate others. I have watched the evolution of social media step in and strip children of the gift of childhood. You see Sherry we as adults are not the only ones affected here. Babies who aren't even weaned off their mothers are being held in one arm while their mom or dad is busy updating their status. I just want to scream, 'For the love of god put down your phone and recognize the miracle cradled in your arms'. I know if I did that I would just be the crazy old man who hadn't caught up with the times. Well I may in fact be a crazy old man Sherry but I am more up with the times than most, I see what is right in front of me, I see what others are afraid to see."



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